Extension of clinker showroom in Spijk (NL)


New paving has been laid all around the showroom in Spijk (NL). This provides an opportunity to view the full range of clinker paving outside in broad daylight, which does the colourfastness justice. The structure of the colour blocks provides plenty of inspiration for deciding on the colour of the stones and choosing a design (sand-faced or smooth). It is a fully fledged extension of our current showroom!

The Vandersanden Group sells its clinkers under the brand name Huwa. In the Netherlands this is already an established name. All clinkers are supplied with spacers, one of our own product developments. These spacers allow the bricks to be roughly set, as they will ensure that the bricks (despite the fact that they are abutted) are still approx. 3 mm apart, making it less likely for them to be damaged. After being laid, chipping of the clinkers is reduced to a minimum. This will significantly extend their aesthetic life. In the Netherlands a large number of projects have already been paved with Huwa clinkers. Take a look at our references.

Use a genuine product selector to choose from a wide range of colours. Would you like to know more about Huwa clinkers? Take a look at the Huwa website or please contact us by telephone at +32 89 51 01 40 or at info@vandersanden.com.