Comparison E-Brick/ E-Board
Newly-built property Ja Ja
Renovation Ja Ja
Mechanical mounting without foundation Ja Ja
Mountable on all wall types Ja Ja
Maintenance-free and light Ja Ja
Cannot be distinguished from traditional masonry Ja Ja
Installation by recognized professional VDS trained Ja
To be installed by the owner Nee Ja
Extremely suitable for large areas Ja Nee
Extremely suitable for a lot
of detailing (corners, windows …)
Nee Ja
Delivery to building site as DIY kit Ja Ja
Insulation value (lambda) 0.030
(extra PIR: 0.024)
Connection between two panels PUR-Foam Tongue and groove
+ hook-and-butt
joint connection 
Available in all colours Ja Ja
Available in multiple materials WF / DF M50 / M65 / WF / DF
Bond Stretcher bond,
stack bond,
mixed bond
All bonds possible
Certified product BE, NL, DE, FR, UK Pending
Warranty 10 years for
mounted product
Product warranty
Insulation material PUR EPS-HR
Maximum thickness of insulation 14 cm 30 cm