Start with a clean slate.

1. Make sure the exterior wall is clean

Clean the surface with a stiff brush before using adhesive to fix the façade panels to your wall. Check that the following materials have been removed completely:
- Climbers, moss and algae: treat your façade with an algaecide
- Dust and salt deposits: remove with a wire brush
- Flaky layers of paint
- Grease and oil stains
- Remainders of the release agent on concrete façades in new-build developments.
Always rinse the surface of the façade thoroughly with clean water!

2. Are there any irregularities in the wall?

If so, you need to fill these first, before installing E-Board®. Do this with cement or use frame work.
Before fitting the E-Board® panels, you can fill any irregularities up to 2 cm with the supplied adhesive mortar. For larger irregularities, use cement or frame work before you start with the façade renovations.

3. Avoid loose wires

Before you start work on the façade renovation or new-build façade, ensure that the electric wiring is secured. The wiring is then concealed in the E-Board® panels. It is important to avoid weakening of the thermal or mechanical properties of the insulation system.
Tip for dummies: always disconnect the power to the wires when carrying out any work!