Bricks with a thickness of 2 cm and with the appearance of ordinary brickwork.

Cutted brick slips

Brick slips are 2 cm thick slips of original facing bricks and as such have the same characteristics as the facing bricks in accordance with the Belgian Benor and European CE standards. This type of brick cladding is also lightweight and very easy to handle. Vandersanden offers its quality brick slips in the UK as well as other countries.

When applying these slips to your outside wall, the reduced thickness has the advantage that the normal detailing of windows and doors is maintained. This means you will not have high alteration costs. When applying brick cladding to interior walls, you will lose less space because of the reduced thickness. When joined, the brick slips have the same appearance as ordinary brickwork with full bricks.

Renovation with brick slips

Brick slips can be easily used in combination with insulation panels and create a perfect insulating shell around the building. Discover E-Board, the insulation system combined with brick slips. With E-Board you can insulate your home while creating a brand-new outer wall.

ECO brick slips:

ECO brick slips: mould-formed brick slips for a sustainable future

Abundant choice of colours

The complete facing brick product range is available as cutted brick slip. Choose from our wide and varied range.

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