Zero, pure brickwork with a joint-free look

News overview
Modern architecture and the traditional masonry brick; two factors that required a compromise. And that compromise was achieved with Zero®. This is a patented brick that brings together the best of modern and traditional architectural cultures.
Bricklaying is a skill, a craft that cannot be learnt in a minute. There are several techniques that may be used to create a joint-free façade, but until 2007, one technique was missing in order to achieve that result: joint-free bricklaying with mortar and trowel. Zero® provided the solution.

Ingenious in its simplicity

The Zero® brick has a special notch at the top. The bricklayer applies the mortar into the notch in the traditional way. Moreover, the ratio between the brick’s length and width makes it ideal for laying bricks in a stretcher bond. Thanks to its clever size, the bricklaying can be completed quickly and efficiently. Simplicity at its best.

The result

With Zero® the builder creates an extremely durable façade with sleek, modern lines that shows off the bricks in all their purity. Another advantage: a brick built façade is very user-friendly and maintenance-free, unlike many other materials.

The benefits

  1. The joint colour does not affect the colour of the brick. This gives you exactly what you want: a pure, sleek brick façade that perfectly complements your modern construction project.
  2. No need for pointing. And, therefore, no need for scaffolding: it will save a lot of time and money.
  3. You can enjoy a unique result immediately.
  4. No special tools are required. A traditional bricklayer lays bricks with trowel and mortar.
  5. However, Zero® bricks are applied in a very different way: by tilting them. No excess mortar will spill over the front of the brick, so there will be no mortar stains.
  6. The thin, open vertical joints provide excellent cavity ventilation.
  7. Your façade will look perfect for longer. In fact, it takes longer for a facing brick to look soiled than a joint.
You can find all the Zero® colours on our website. Together with additional tips, projects and frequently asked questions.