Vandersanden Group named ‘Ambassador for Excellence in Family Companies’ 2017-2018

News overview

The VKW Limburg Expert Centre for Family Companies has been supporting family companies with their ongoing professional development for twelve years now. VKW Limburg launched ‘Ambassador for Excellence in Family Companies’ together with the Research Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Firms at the University of Hasselt. ‘Ambassador for Excellence in Family Companies’ is a new award that honours the best family companies and holds them up as inspiring role models. An expert and independent panel chose the Bilzen-based Vandersanden Group as winner. The brickmaker will be able to wear the mantle of ‘Ambassador for Excellence in Family Companies’ for two years. The judging panel based its decision on the results of an in-depth and academically substantiated questionnaire.

Inspiring role model

The first ‘Ambassadors’ were announced yesterday at the Family Business Event in Molenheide. They are Haletra, Haex and Vandersanden Group. They will be provided with the right tools to promote this honour with pride. In addition, they will do their utmost to be inspiring role models in an active learning network. They wish, for example, to inspire and encourage other family companies to continue with their further professional development.

“Almost 80% of companies in Limburg are family businesses. More than ever, these make up the backbone of our economy. This is why professionalisation of family firms is so crucial. This leads to the sustainable embedding of family companies in Limburg,” says Koen Hendrix, the director of VKW Limburg and the coordinator of the Expert Centre for Family Companies.

Ambassador for two years

Vandersanden Group can carry the logo ‘Excellence in Family Companies’ for two years. An additional trump card, says VKW Limburg, for both customers and suppliers as well as other stakeholders and present and future employees. General Manager Jean-Pierre Wuytack responded with pride: “This award is confirmation that our family company is acting and dealing at a high professional level. It also shows appreciation for the entire management team and rewards all the great efforts made by our employees. We are rightly proud!”

Six reasons why the judging panel selected Vandersanden Group

  1. Vandersanden has a clear long-term vision that is reflected in its investment policy.
  2. This is also expressed in making room for employees to make radical innovations, particularly in R&D.
  3. The family company culture is characterised by the close involvement of the staff.
  4. There is a strong focus on socially responsible entrepreneurship and sustainability.
  5. The continuity of the family business for generations to come is a significant objective.
  6. The company has also invested in continuing professional development, such as a working management board that includes external non-executive directors.