Project in the spotlight: new Billund water-struck facing brick adds shine to office building

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There is a building project in the Jaarbeurslaan in Genk (BE) you will find hard to ignore. It is the new office building of construction company Cordeel. The project is so striking because of its grandeur and the facing brick that has been used. As a finish for the facade, architect's firm Holistic Architecture has used the new Billund water-struck facing brick.

Facing brick with sheen: Billund water-struck

The Billund is a reddish facing brick with shades of light brown, purple and dark grey. Water-struck is a special shaping technique, in which bricks are given their structure using water. The effect of this technique is that the brick is relatively smooth and does not have a lot of texture. With the latest new water-struck colours we have added an additional technique: engobing. Engobes are liquid dyes which are largely made up of clay minerals. Engobing allows special colour effects to be created. When looking at the facade in a certain light, you will see that the facade actually shines. This sheen on the facade gives the project a unique cachet. View all the new water-struck colours.


The facing brick is processed with thin-bed mortar. Thanks to the joint-free look all attention is directed towards the brick. Laying bricks with thin-bed mortar means only a very thin joint of 6 mm is added. This should not subsequently be repointed. If you choose a pure brick effect, the joint can be a distracting factor. Read more about the 3 ways to lay a joint-free facing brick.

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