Modern know-how for nostalgic facing bricks

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Reclaimed bricks and alternatives 
The character of bricks with an aged look may be ideal for use in a certain type of home. These bricks may have been reclaimed from demolished houses, however, they are often newly produced facing bricks with a “reclaimed” appearance. There may be various reasons why a home-owner or architect has opted for a new variant. The price is usually more favourable, assured availability and most importantly, the quality of this type of facing brick is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Tumbled versus aged
The most familiar technique is to tumble bricks. As the name suggests, with this technique the fired bricks are tumbled in a drum. This causes the bricks to bump against each other and become “damaged”, resulting in chipped corners and edges. At the same time, a mortar paste is sprayed on to the bricks surfaces to acquire a weathered appearance. All well-known brick manufacturers offer a range of tumbled bricks. However, Vandersanden Group has a different approach. We do not tumble, we age. What’s in a name, you may ask. But, there is a very important difference.

The advantages of the Nostalgie process
Vandersanden Group has incorporated the automated tumble technique into its manufacturing process. We do not tumble the fired bricks; we use unfired bricks which are ready to go into the kiln. This offers two important advantages: unfired bricks are not as hard as fired bricks. The corners and edges do not get damaged during the tumbling process, they are merely bruised and rounded. Also, the mortar paste is fired onto the brick surface, including the rounded edges, during the subsequent firing process. The result is an aged brick that looks more natural and has a much greater resemblance to a reclaimed brick. This range is called “Nostalgie”.

Patented and certified
Vandersanden Group has obtained a patent for this ageing technique. As a result, our innovation is protected and cannot be copied by other manufacturers. For architects and home-owners this means an additional guarantee of quality. As ageing occurs during the manufacturing process, the same quality standards apply to our aged bricks as to all our other products. They are tested in exactly the same way, within the framework of the relevant quality standards, such as BENOR and CE. They have the attractive look of reclaimed bricks plus the guaranteed quality of new bricks. So there are only advantages to these bricks.

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